Feedback from Parents

What parents say about Tots2Teens Therapy...

" My son has vision problems, and I noticed he was falling behind in his development at around five months old when he still couldn't hold his head up. I contacted Louise as I wanted to take action straight away, rather than wait for the NHS. Two months later and I couldn't be happier - my son is now holding his head up, rolling over and beginning to reach for toys. I couldn't have dreamed of him doing these things two months ago. His progress is fantastic and it is all down to Louise. She has given me all the tools to work with my son at home, and without her we wouldn't be where we are today."

" Our 7 year old son Lewis, who has Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, looks forward to Kelly's visits! Kelly makes physiotherapy interesting and fun. Lewis plays his favourite games and reads stories whilst working on head control, positioning and stretches (without realising he is working hard!) Lewis was delighted when Kelly joined us on a hydrotherapy swim session. The float and positions she suggested have transformed Lewis' s swimming sessions at school and family swim times. Kelly comes to our home to provide physiotherapy, which has been invaluable to us all. Lewis is relaxed in his own environment and we are able to observe and work with Kelly, enabling us to carry on the therapy. Kelly's advice regarding therapy equipment, sensory techniques and products, play positions, and a home therapy programme has been excellent!!! Kelly always has ideas to offer and arrives each week with information and answers! We are very impressed by the therapy Lewis receives and the advice she gives to us as parents who want the best for our child. "

" My baby son has cerebral palsy - hemiplegia and is just over a year old. He was not meeting any of his milestones but when Tots2Teens started therapy with him he actually started doing things I never thought he would be able to do, conquering those milestones! Kelly showed us some good and useful tips to loosen Max up before he plays and we all saw a big difference as he never uses his left hand and then what Kelly did made him use it more than he ever has, fab! Not only have they helped my son but they have helped me by showing me ways to help him. Its fab! Kelly is lovely and my son always has a smile for her! Thank you Tots2Teens."

" I cannot praise Louise from Tots2Teens enough for the work she has done, and continues to do with my son James (aged 2). Since being diagnosed with Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy approximately 6 months ago we have been having weekly hydrotherapy sessions with Louise, along with monthly land based physiotherapy sessions, which I follow up daily at home. James took to her straight away, and the activities are always fun for him. Louise doesn't rush him into walking, rather she concentrates on his foot and leg positions, and his core muscles, thereby improving his overall posture, so when he does walk he will walk much better, and have far better balance. I shall continue working with Louise for years to come, as the improvement in James is quite remarkable, a view which all his other health professionals share. "