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Kelly Brookshaw

Specialist expert in Paediatric Physiotherapy. Kelly has worked in various in-patient and community neurological settings both in the NHS and privately. She has a particular interest in working with children with developmental delay and complex neurological conditions, such as cerebral palsy and acquired brain injuries.

Louise O'Reilly

Louise is an enthusiastic and energetic personality with good interpersonal and communication skills, developed over 12 years working as a paediatric physiotherapist in both the NHS and privately.

Louise is Bobath trained and is advancing her practice into Sensory Integration. She is highly specialised in the areas of neurological disability and multi sensory impairments’, such as acquired brain injury and cerebral palsy.

Sara Rodway

I assess and treat children from 0-19 in a variety of settings including their homes, schools and clinics. I am a member of the ISCAN team which is comprised of many disciplines from a health and social care background. Close liaison with parents, other therapists and school staff ensure that children with a diverse set of additional needs receive a comprehensive and coordinated approach to their assessment and treatment.

Jodie Wynne

Skilled Paediatric Physiotherapist. Jodie has a specialist interest in working with children and has experience of doing this in both inpatient and community settings. Jodie is motivated and friendly and is able to use these qualities both when lone working or when working in conjunction with other professionals. She is conscientious and appreciates the importance of engaging a child in order to ensure that they can meet their full potential.

She has outstanding interpersonal and communication skills, which includes a sound understanding of alternative and augmentative communication, and is able to use these in order to meet the needs of a child and their family.

Jennie Roche

Speech and language therapist Jennie has specialized in the area of paediatric complex needs. Jennie has worked in clinic, community and school settings. Jennie has a wide experience of working holistically to consider children’s needs in conjunction with other therapists.

Jennie has a particular interest in working with children with developmental delay, autism and complex neurological conditions, such as cerebral palsy.